Whether you are creating a new shower for your new home or redoing an old shower, it is important that you make sure it is going to meet all of your needs and perhaps fulfill some of you wants. This can include both the structure of your shower, as well as the materials used to finish it. This article will discuss 2 excellent customization ideas for your shower. 

Two Shower Heads 

One way to make your shower much more effective if you and your significant other need to use it at the same time, or if your children need to use the shower at the same time, is to have a double shower head. You can have one shower head placed on one side of the shower and have the other shower head on the other side. This not only provides enough water for two people to shower, but it also places the shower heads far enough apart that there is plenty of standing room as well. You can choose standard shower heads that are mounted in place, or you can go with the detachable shower heads to provide you with more movement. The detachable shower heads may be good for a smaller child who has trouble reaching the water or for someone who is elderly or disabled and needs to sit down when they are showering. 

Custom Tiling

For many people, the way that their shower looks is going to be just as important as how well their shower functions. Thankfully, there are several different tile customization options that you can choose from. You can have the tile cut and placed in a variety of different sizes and directions. For example, you can have your tile cut into rectangular shapes and have them arranged vertically in your shower. You can also have a small decorative band of tile going around the middle of your shower wall, as well as custom tile in your soap box. This tile is generally going to be more decorative in nature and may have customized designs on it. When it comes to your tile options, they are basically endless. You can have the tile look like everything from wood to brick to stone. You can also tile both the interior, as well as the exterior of your shower, giving it an even more customized look and perhaps helping it to match with the other features in your bathroom. 

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