Rain chains are becoming very popular this year. They help collect fresh rainwater that can be used to water your lawn and garden during drier seasons. Rain chains also makes birds very happy because they are drawn to the cups of water collected by the rain chains. If you want to make your own rain chains, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Use Steel or Powder-Coated Chains If You Do Not Want Rust

If you want shiny chrome chains, and you do not want the chains to rust, use steel chains. If you want chains of a different color that do not rust, purchase powder-coated electroplated chains. These are often coated with black, green, or some other powder paint that is electrically charged and applied so that nothing can get to the metal underneath. Either of these will prevent rust from occurring, thereby keeping your homemade rain chains looking nice.

Remember That Copper Comes Before Green Patina 

If you like the looks of shiny copper and do not mind that it will later change to a green patina, then copper rain chains are quite lovely. You can buy copper chains in many home improvement and hardware stores. They can be found by the other spools of loose chain or in the electrical departments.

Use Candlestick Holders for Water Cups

Little metal candlestick cups for tapered candles work especially well for the water cups you will need. Try to get the tapered candle holders that are just the cup sections or that can be easily removed from their handles and bases with a tin snips or blow torch. Then you can solder these onto the chain. If you want to leave the little thumb handles on the candle cups, those could work to hook the candle cups onto the chain without any additional effort, depending on the thickness of the chains you buy.

Use Outdoor Metal Paint for a Little Color

If you want your rain chains to be a little more colorful than the colors and metal types available to you, use outdoor metal paint to fancy things up a bit. These paints are designed to withstand a barrage of weather conditions, and given that the paint will be applied to something that collects rain water, you want the paint to stick and stay put. Either buy the canned paint and paint little decorations on by hand (if you are crafty enough) or use the spray paint for all-over color.