You've heard that good fences make for good neighbors, but sometimes you need more than a fence to keep peace on the street. Precast stone boulders offer a nearly impenetrable barrier that will work in those situations. 

Aside from effectively protecting your loved ones and property, the precast stone boulders look just like true rock boulders and don't clash with modern or traditional architecture. They are also easier to maintain since they don't need to be cleaned, painted, or repaired like wood, vinyl, or wire fencing.

In the following two problem scenarios, precast stone boulders offer a solid solution.

Your property is located in a dangerous location

Perhaps you live in a house at the apex of a curve on a winding mountain pass. Or maybe your home is across from a dead-end stop that has poor illumination. 

In either case, out-of-control cars may come careening into your yard or even your home if it's close to the road. This can put you, your children, your pets, and your property at risk of grave harm.

Several boulders placed in strategic spots across the street-accessible portion of your yard will protect little ones and your home. If you choose boulders of a lighter grey or limestone color, they will be easier to see, and they may be enough of a presence to alert drivers to slow down. 

You have relentless trespassers 

Many rural property owners are plagued by ATV riders and hunters who have zero regard for no-trespassing signs. People may tear up your fences, pastures, and woods trying to access trails and game. These pesky sorts may use bolt cutters or other tools to force their way in through gates or fencing.

If you're facing this situation, and you're fed up, install some precast stone boulders where trespassers are gaining access. No matter how thoughtless they are, they won't be able to move the large stones, and their trucks and ATVs will have to turn around. 

Boulders may not block trespassers on foot, but they make a very bold statement without saying a word. When trespassers see that you are being vigilant in protecting your acreage, they may decide to fulfill their need for illegal wandering somewhere else.

In many areas there is usually a setback reserved for county or municipal access even if your property extends to the middle of the road. Have the boulders placed far enough from the road that you don't infringe on the right-of-way. You definitely don't want snow plows or utility repair crews to hit the stones, and you do want to leave room so people can pull over in front of your home for deliveries or emergencies.

Of course, you never want to block a legal easement that a neighbor uses to get to their property. That's a good way to end up in court paying huge fines. Instead, if you have neighbors with an easement through your land, go speak to them, and let them know the troubles you're having (as long as they're not the trespassers). Work with neighbors to determine where you will place boulders so no one who lives on the land is landlocked or inconvenienced. 

Talk to a company such as Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc. to find out what kind of stone will be best for your situation.