Shade sails, as the name implies, are large broadcloth canopies that can be used to provide permanent or temporary shade to any number of areas around your patio, deck, BBQ area, or backyard. These attractive, geometric canopies also add interest to virtually any outdoor space.

Unlike many other types of awnings, shade sails can be easily moved as the sun travels across the sky and as your party moves to other parts of your yard. However, versatility is just one of many reasons to consider shade sails. Here are some advantages to using shade sails. 

1. Versatility. Shade sails are extremely versatile. They can be tied to a tree branch or hoisted on easy-to-assemble poles. You can even use them on your boat or take them camping with you. They adapt well to use on both residential and business properties.

2. Easy to assemble and move. One of the chief advantages of shade sails is that they can be easily assembled and taken down. If your party moves from the patio to around the pool, it's easy to take the shade sails with you. They also don't take up a lot of room in the car like a pop-up tent or heavy canopy can when you take them camping or to an outdoor event.

3. Affordable pricing. Another prime advantage to shade sails is their affordable pricing, especially when they are compared to permanent, retractable awnings. 

4. Colorful. Shade sails can also be used to brighten up your yard. They come in a rainbow of colors and can be used to liven up your party decorations as well as serve as an accent to your permanent outdoor design motif and architectural style.

5. Protection from the sun. Shade sails don't just provide cooling shade; they filter the sun's UV rays and help protect you and your family from these potentially damaging rays. Filtering UV rays can also help prevent your outdoor cushions and pillows from sun fading.

6. Good ventilation. Unlike heavy canvas or aluminum awnings or canopies, shade sails offer weather and sun protection without creating a heavy, humid, and hot environment. Shade sails are designed to breathe without allowing sunlight or rain to penetrate to your patio or deck area.

While using shade sails may not be the right choice for every homeowner, these increasingly popular, portable shades are versatile, affordable, attractive, and even offer protective against the sun's UV rays for your family and your possessions.