If you have a home with an open floor plan, you may have become frustrated by trying to figure out how to add a pop of color and a bit of structure without ruining the overall flow of your home. Luckily for you, there's an easy answer to your troubles, and that's area rugs. Below are three tips on how to use area rugs to structure your open floor plan without sacrificing any of the openness.

Use Area Rugs With a Similar Palette or Pattern

If you'd like to add area rugs to your home, you may be concerned with how it will look, especially if your home has an open floor plan. While adding area rugs to a home with an open floor plan does take a bit more planning, it's not impossible (and can be fun).

For example, if you want to add an area rug to your dining area and your living room area, but both areas are part of a larger room, you may be concerned about the room's cohesiveness. While you can certainly use identical area rugs in both areas, it's not a must. Instead, opt for area rugs that share similar qualities, such as a similar pattern or color palette.

Choose Area Rugs with Varying Sizes

To avoid ruining the flow of your home's open floor plan, choose area rugs of varying sizes.

When you use area rugs of the same size in different areas throughout your home, it creates a boxed in and stifling feel. While it's not a bad idea to add some structure to your home, you likely chose an open floor plan because you liked the idea of your living spaces flowing together. Area rugs of varying sizes will provide your home with the cohesiveness you seek, but will also keep each living space feeling open and decidedly different.

Use the Seasons for Inspiration

If your home's open floor plan includes a lot of windows and glass doors, and if you'd like to bring the outside in, consider using the seasons for inspiration.

When your home has a lot of natural lighting and views of the great outdoors, it can make your home appear larger and even more open if you incorporate the natural colors and patterns of the view right outside your home. For example, in the fall, consider using browns, oranges, and reds in your area rugs, and in the winter, consider adding a bit of off white, red, and pale green.

Area rugs can be a great addition to any room, and the above tips should be helpful when it comes to getting started. For more information, contact professionals like Designer Rug Store of Tuscon.