When the rainy weather hits, it can be easy for a lawn to get overgrown within a matter of days. It's always important not to use a lawn mower on wet grass, so what can you do? Here are some tips for reclaiming your lawn after both the grass and weeds have overgrown.

Pull Out the Weeds First

Don't just mow over the weeds. Overgrown grass and weeds gives you a great opportunity to pull out the weeds now that they're visible. Manually extracting weeds and the associated root systems is the best way to get rid of weeds once and for all.

Use a Weed Whacker on Taller Grass

Once you've pulled out the weeds, you can use a weed whacker on the taller grass. You may note that grass will grow taller along your house and any fences -- this is often because of a combination of shade and moisture. A weed whacker will make the process of mowing this grass much easier.

Walk Through With Jeans and Shoes First

This tip is mostly for your own psychological safety. If your lawn has overgrown, you may want to protect yourself with long jeans tucked into shoes and step through the grass carefully before you begin mowing. Otherwise you face a very real risk of mowing over baby bunnies, toads, and other small animals -- and that's not pleasant for anyone.

Mow High By Adjusting Your Lawn Mower Height

Mowing low (about an inch) is far more challenging than mowing high (about three inches). Moreover, cutting a lot of grass all at once can make the grass very unhealthy. It's better for you to mow high now and then wait a few days to mow lower.

Use a Lawn Mower Bag to Collect Clippings

Many people leave their clippings on the ground so that the nutrients return to the soil. But if your grass is overgrown, you suffer from a very real risk of blocking out the light to the remaining grass. Clippings can also jam up your lawn mower, making it more difficult to mow. Instead, use a lawn mower bag to collect the clippings as they are ejected.

If your lawn mower isn't working as it should, you may need to replace the blade. Lawn mower replacement blades are different sizes, so disconnect the blade that you have and bring it to a local lawn and renovation store, such as Snappy's Outdoor Equipment Sales & Service LLC -- they'll be able to handle the rest.