When you are decorating a room in your home, you want to set it up so you achieve a nice, fluid look, while giving it a theme and color scheme that works well. You should take the size of the room, the shape of it and the natural design of it into consideration. Here are some tips on how to add special touches to different types of rooms, so you end up with a room you are satisfied with.

Make a small room look larger

If you are working on a small room that you would like to make look as if it were larger, then you can use mirrors and lights to do so. Putting wall length mirrors at the furthest end of the room from where you enter will give a larger appearance. To the eye, it will look as if that room has a lot more space. You also want to put the lighting at the end of the room that has the mirrors. The lighting should be attached to the ceiling, rather than in the form of lamps which are closer to the ground.

You can also make a small room look larger by setting a large throw rug in the center of the room and putting the seating furniture along the outside of the rug. This gives the appearance of more floor space. Cut down on excessive furniture by adding shelves to a wall and removing any bookcases or stand-alone shelving units you can.

Make a large room look smaller

You may have a very large room in your house that you would like to make look cozier. Painting the walls a darker color can help to make a large room look smaller. Also, keeping the lighting toward the center-most part of the room can help to distract the eyes from realizing how large it is. You can put the furniture in the center part of the room, away from the walls. Also, hanging pictures at eye level will help make tall rooms appear shorter.

If you have hard wood flooring in large rooms, laying down carpet can help the room to seem smaller. Not only will carpet help give the visual feel of a smaller room, but the carpeting will also help to prevent echoing that comes with large areas.

Making a dark room look naturally lighter

If you have a room that has little to no windows in it, then you will want to make it appear as if it has some natural lighting by choosing the right lights. Florescent lights are a good choice since they do a great job of lighting up an entire space evenly. You can also have a couple of floor lamps set in the corners of the room that aim the light upward, toward the ceiling.

Implementing the changes suggested in this article will help you to get rooms in your home looking the way you want them to. For assistance with lighting, talk to an expert like Classic Lighting & Accessories Inc.