If you have moved into a new house only to find that it has mice, then you want to act fast when it comes to taking action. Putting off the removal of the mice currently in the house will only lead to a very quick worsening of the situation, since mice reproduce so quickly. It's important for you to weigh out your options when you are choosing the best method for getting rid of them. If you have small children and pets in your home, then you want to be especially careful as to stay away from poisons and traps that can harm them. You may find that getting a mouser cat will be the best choice for your household. Learn about the benefits using a mouser cat has over other methods in this article.

A mouser works around the clock

When you put out traps or poisons, you need to check them often to make sure the traps haven't been accidentally triggered or don't have a mouse already in them. With poison, you need to check it regularly to ensure that it is still there so you can put more down if you have a big mouse problem. With a mouser cat, you can count on them to go pretty much non-stop when it comes to hunting and catching the mice in your house.

There is no disposal to worry about

When you count on a mouser to rid you of your mouse problem, you don't have to worry about getting rid of the mouse after it has been taken care of. With poison, the mice will eat it and go somewhere else to die. Often times, they will go somewhere that is hard for you to reach and this can lead to a bad odor in your home that will linger for a while. With traps, if you forget to check them regularly, then you can also get this odor.

A mouser offers preventative pest control

Once your mouse problem has been taken care of from the mouser, it will then keep new mice from showing up and reproducing. With other forms of pest control people tend to stop setting them out after the problem is gone and this means it can happen again in the future.

If you find that nothing you have tried works, then it may be time for you to call out a professional pest control company, like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies or a similar location, to help you get the mice out of your home.