If you've made the decision to have a home security firm send a team to your house to install a burglar alarm system, you've immediately taken a big step toward protecting your home and your valuables. By having a system installed, your home is three times less likely to be broken into than a home without this type of security feature. However, you don't have to stop thinking about your home's security once you've had a system installed. There are several other important strategies that can make your home even less appealing to burglars. Here are three habits that you and your family members can implement.

Keep Your Drapes Closed

A simple way to further increase your home's protection is to keep your drapes closed as much as possible. This is especially important for rooms that have easy-to-see valuables, such as electronic equipment, art or anything else of significant value. Keeping the drapes drawn will prevent strangers from looking inside your home and seeing items that might be appealing to steal. Common sense might dictate that you only need to worry about having your drapes on ground-floor windows closed, but it's also smart to keep your upper-floor windows covered, too. If you have a large TV mounted on a wall on the top floor of your home, it might be visible to someone passing by, especially at night.

Lock Up Ladders

It's common for some homeowners to store tools such as ladders outside the home, but doing so can provide an accessible tool for someone who wishes to break in. This is especially important if you lock your ground-floor windows but seldom take the same approach with those on your upper floor. Never leave ladders or any other equipment that could help someone enter your home outside. Always store these items in your garage for safekeeping.

Put Out Garbage Selectively

If you buy a high-value item such as a large-screen TV, you'll have to deal with the sizable box. Placing it at the curb on garbage day can send a clear message that you have a fancy new TV in your home. Instead of advertising this information to anyone who passes by, think of other ways to deal with this type of box. If you have a backyard fire pit, break the box down and burn it. You can also cut the box into small sections and tie the sections together with the labeling facing inward so no one can tell what type of box is in your garbage.

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