If you need a new roof, you should consider going with metal. If you've never had a metal roof before, you may have some misconceptions about how one looks or performs. Metal roofing materials have come a long way from the bare metal sheets used on barns and sheds. Today, manufacturers make the roofing material in a variety of styles and colors that match many other types of roofing. You may not even realize a home in your neighborhood has a roof made out of metal. Here's a closer look at this versatile roofing material.

Types Of Metal Roofing

Traditional metal roofing materials are known as standing seam or vertical seam roofs. This look is suitable for any home since the roofs come in a variety of different colors. The roofing material even looks good on upscale homes. However, if you prefer the look of asphalt shingles, wood shake, slate, or tile, you can find a metal roofing manufacturer that makes replica metal roofing that matches the other materials.

There are advantages to choosing metal roofing over asphalt, stone, or wood. You'll get the look you want with the strength and durability of metal. Metal is more lightweight than slate, so that makes a slate-looking roof an option for you if you were concerned about the weight of slate before. Metal is more durable than wood shake, and it requires much less maintenance. It is also longer-lasting than asphalt, and it withstands wind and storms much better.

How Metal Roofing Is Made

While you can still buy bare metal roofing, it is more common to choose color-coated roofing for residential homes. You can choose from a variety of colors, such as dark green and blue, that match the architecture and paint theme of your home. You can even buy light colors that reflect the sun and help improve energy efficiency. Most metal roofing is made from steel or aluminum.

If it is made from steel, it is composed of layers on top and on bottom of the metal sheets. The layer next to the steel is made of zinc, and this protects the steel from rusting. Then a primer layer is applied, and then the paint is sprayed on. The metal is then baked so the layers fuse together. While the paint may fade a little over the life of the roof, you won't have to worry about peeling paint or having to repaint the metal.

Aluminum roofing is processed in the same way, except the zinc layer is omitted since aluminum doesn't rust. Metal roofing material is painted and baked while it is still in big coils. Then the metal is cut into the desired shapes by the roofing manufacturer.

Metal wood shakes and slate tiles are made a little differently. These are stamped to have the appearance of tile lines or wood grain. Granules are added during the coating process for texture and to make the metal appear like a natural material. Once that's done, the roofing is baked to seal everything in place.

Because of the way metal roofing is manufactured today, you won't have problems with rust and deterioration like you sometimes see on old abandoned barns. Instead, metal is extremely durable. It withstands high winds, and it is resistant to water and fire. Because it is so durable, you may never have to replace the roof, which will save money in the long run. Plus, it will save you from a lot of maintenance chores, especially when compared to a traditional asphalt shingle or wood shake roof. To learn more, talk to a metal roofing company like Premium Panels Inc.