If you have a small landscaping business, your commercial lawn mower needs to function well, or else your business is at risk. That's why you need to be sure to do some regular maintenance tasks to make sure that your mower is operating at an optimal level. Keep your mower working with these three maintenance tips.

Check Tire Air Pressure

With so much attention on mower blades and the rest of the mower, owners often forget to check the air pressure in the tires. Just like the car you drive, your commercial mower has tires that need to have the right air pressure. This is essential, as uneven pressure in the tires can lead to an uneven lawn cut.

Keep an air pressure gauge with you and check the air pressure of your tires regularly. To make sure they are filled properly, check with the mower manual to find out what air pressure should be for your particular mower. Fill your tires as needed.

Clean After Each Use

To make sure your mower is working at its best, it's a good idea to clean the underside of your mower after every job. This may seem excessive, and many lawn mower owners neglect this easy task, but keeping your mower clean helps you to get better lawn cuts and helps your mower to continue to work the way it is supposed to. Not only that, but cleaning grass and dirt helps decrease the chances that the deck will rust.

You don't even need to remove the deck from the mower to do a quick cleaning. Use a jack stand to turn the mower over, and using a plastic scraper, scrape off dirt, debris and grass. If you clean the mower after every job, you can avoid the tougher job of cleaning layers of dried dirt and caked on grass that has built up over long periods of time.

Remember to Re-Oil the Air Filter

As part of your mower cleaning, you may check and clean the air filter, but if you're like many commercial lawn mower owners, you may forget to re-oil the filter after it's clean. Oil helps keep the dirt on the top of the filter instead of getting down into the foam layers, and if you don't re-oil the filter you may find yourself cleaning and replacing your filter more often.

To re-oil your filter, get a small plastic bag and fill it with oil. Then put the filter into the oil-filled bag, working the oil into it with your fingers. Take the filter out of the bag, absorb excess oil with a paper towel, and return it to the mower.

Even when your business gets busy during the warm months, you need to ensure that you perform the maintenance tasks in this article. Be sure to schedule time for them, so that you can keep your mower and your business functioning well. For replacement items, contact outlets such as Bensalem Lawn Equipment to see how they can best fulfill your needs.