Is there such a thing as having a great looking carpet that can withstand the traffic of a busy life? If you do your homework, then yes, you can. There are several things to remember when shopping for the perfect carpet for your family.

The Fiber

There are several fibers or material to pick from. Natural fibers, such as wool, are outrageously expensive and will not hold up to heavy traffic. Polyester (also called PET) or Olefin (polypropylene) may be cheaper, but they are not as resilient or easy to clean. The best choices for kids, pets, and those high traffic areas are Nylon and Triexta

Nylon surpasses most other fibers in resilience and durability. There are several types of nylon carpet. Branded carpets will usually list their commercial name. Unbranded carpet will read 100% nylon and is lower in quality and cost. The highest quality nylon yarn is referred to as 6.6 nylon versus 6 nylon. Also remember, nylon will need to be treated with stain protectors over the lifespan of the carpet.

Triexta is a new synthetic fiber derived from corn sugar. It has excellent permanent stain protection which is a huge plus with high traffic areas. Triexta also has great resilience in keeping its form. Its durability in comparison to Nylon is still questioned due to the relative youth of the product.

Marks of Quality and Durability

After picking the fiber and brand of carpet, there are several signs of quality and durability to ensure the best choice.

*Carpet Density:

To ensure the carpet will keep its shape with so many little feet or paws treading on it, you will want a thread density of 2,000 or more. If you bend back a section of carpet, the less empty space the better.

 *Tuff twist:

You will want a tuff twist of 5 or higher. This numbers refers to how many times the tufts of fabric are twisted together in a 1 inch area. The higher the number, the more durable it will be.

*Weight of the carpet:

It can range from 20 to 80 ounces. Make sure it has at least 40 ounces of face weight to withstand high traffic areas.

Children, pets, and high traffic sections of a home take a beating over the years. If you pick the right carpet though, you can have the durability, resilience, and stain protection that will make the carpet look fresh day after day. Yes, with carpet you really can have it all. Talk to places like Creative Carpet & Flooring for more information.