In the modern world, sitting for hours on end is the norm as people work, watch television, surf the internet and generally go on with the sedentary life they are so accustomed to. The problem with this is that bodies were designed for motion, and sitting for long hours can lead to cramping and  obesity, among a host of many other health-related problems.

Even if you spend a couple of hours at the gym every day, this may not be enough to offset the damage done by spending your whole day seated at your workstation. In order to be healthier and more productive, you need to keep your body in motion. One of the ways to achieve this is to get a standing desk to help you alternate between sitting and standing throughout your work day. Here is a look at the benefits of a standing desk.

Reduced aches and tension

Sitting continuously for hours increases pressure on your spine, leading to aches and pains in your back and neck. Staying seated all day can also result in muscle cramps and aching. The practical solution to this problem is to find a way to keep your body in motion.

An adjustable height standing desk would allow you to do just that, giving you a chance to adopt a stand and sit routine that would lessen pressure on your back, reducing the risk of spinal shrinkage and chronic back pain in the long term. Alternating positions as you work can help also relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Increased energy

Staying seated in one position for even an hour slows down your blood flow and makes your muscles cramp, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and tired. By the end of a long day, many sitting workers are often completely exhausted and barely productive.

This can be avoided by alternating between siting and standing, which could be achieved by taking breaks to stretch or working while using a standing desk when you feel tired of sitting. Switching positions periodically revs up your metabolism which makes you more energetic and productive all day long.

Reduced risk of major diseases

When you are active, your body burns up more calories and blood flows through your body better than when you are sedentary. This makes you a lot healthier, reducing the risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other health problems that come with inactivity. A standing desk would make you are more active at work, ensuring that you stay a lot healthier and even prolong your life.

If you're tired of being stuck in a chair all day, it may be time to start looking for standing desks for sale online